Work In Progress — August 2021

It may be a little later than usual, but here is a summary of the open-source contributions I made in August.


August was a (relatively) slow coding month for me. However I think I set a new personal record for the number of pull requests I reviewed. I reviewed a total of 107 pull requests across 7 repositories in the Jellyfin organization! 🚀


The Jellyfin Android TV app is continuing to prepare for the final release of the 0.12 version of the app. The pull requests I worked on this month focused on improving codec support, fixing some bugs, and a little bit of code cleanup. We released three updates to the 0.12 beta in the month of August and are getting very close now to a final release.


The changes I worked on in jellyfin-web this month focused mainly on developer experience. Several improvements were made to our CI workflow and reduce the amount of build time warnings that were produced. I also fixed a minor regression in unstable that caused the "continue watching" section of the home screen to show images in the wrong aspect ratio.

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