Work In Progress — May 2021

Here are some of the things I have been working on in the month of May.


Most of my time this month has been spent working on the Jellyfin Android TV app in hopes that the 0.12 update will release at some point in 2021… 🤞

I have mainly been focusing on UX issues and regressions in the app. This has included some improvements for subtitles, focus issues on Fire OS, and improving performance of rendering blur hash placeholders.

I also worked on refactoring the player profiles. This should make it easier for people to contribute fixes for issues when the profile is inaccurate.


Some very exciting changes are in the works on the Jellyfin Web side of things also.

For developers, I recently found a fix for live reload when running the site with the webpack dev server. I also have an open PR to add support for rendering pages with React. Hopefully this will improve security and make it easier to develop new pages!

Speaking of security, a fix was made for an XSS vulnerability that was disclosed. This also prompted me to cleanup some of the code for toast notifications.


For the JavaScript apiclient, changes were made to make our npm publishes automated. This should prevent some of the issues we have had around releases of jellyfin-web in the past.

Other Jellyfin contributions

A few other minor changes were made to jellyfin-expo, jellyfin/.github, and jellyfin although nothing of note in my opinion. 😉


Just a couple updates on ossgit. If you noticed any instability or long load times, there was a server misconfiguration causing some issues that has finally been resolved. ossgit has also been updated to use the latest release of Gitea.

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