Work In Progress — October 2021

Here are some of the open-source projects I have been working on in the month of October.

Eventually this has to stop, but I did set another personal record for the number of pull requests I reviewed in a month. I reviewed a total of 122 pull requests across 8 repositories! 🚀


I started a new project this month called mobx-sync-lite!

MobX is a state management library for JavaScript/TypeScript projects. mobx-sync-lite is a hard-fork of the mobx-sync library that is used to sync MobX state to a storage backend. I started using mobx-sync in jellyfin-expo and I really like the simple API and feature set that it provides. Unfortunately, the original author had no plans to continue support due to some significant changes made in the latest version of MobX. This fork aims to continue development and add support for new versions of MobX (eventually).


The first alpha release of Jellyfin 10.8 has been released!

Most of my Jellyfin time has been working on updating dependencies and making some quality of life changes for the Jellyfin iOS app (jellyfin-expo). I also fixed a few small bugs in jellyfin-web for 10.8.




As promised last month, I did write a dedicated post about the reasoning behind and current state of the TypeScript SDK for Jellyfin.

Some new functionality for finding the best potential server address and getting image URLs was added to the SDK. There were also some changes made to how URLs were being parsed internally. The SDK should be in good state for anyone to start using it and begin reporting any issues or missing features!

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