Work In Progress — September 2021

Here are some of the open-source projects I have been working on in the month of September.


The biggest update for Jellyfin is that the 0.12 release of the Android TV app is finally live! This was a massive effort taking over a year since the 0.11 release. More information can be found on the Jellyfin blog.

A quick note to any Fire TV users, at the time of writing the app is still pending approval from Amazon, but your devices should automatically update once it is approved.

Jellyfin 10.7.7 was also released in September. The release consisted of a couple minor bugfixes and a fix for an issue where user settings could get in an invalid state which could prevent clients from loading.

I once again set a new personal record for the number of pull requests I reviewed in a month. I reviewed a total of 119 pull requests across 11 repositories! 🚀


Most of my development time was spent trying to get jellyfin-web ready for a beta release of Jellyfin 10.8. The biggest change needed was to fix the direct play logic to match some server-side changes. Most pull requests were for minor improvements to make the user experience more polished. One nice feature for iOS 15 users is the addition of theme color support in Safari.


The JavaScript API client needed a new version published to include some required changes for Jellyfin 10.8. The first version did not properly target ES5 environments, so a fix for that was published as a bugfix release.


I only had a couple pull requests for the Android TV app this month to fix some last minute issues in the 0.12 release.


This month I published a new project that I have been working on, a TypeScript SDK for Jellyfin. This project is not (currently) an official Jellyfin project. This was my first time doing much in TypeScript, and I am loving it. More information about this project will be published in a separate post soon!

I have made a few updates to this website this month also. Since I updated the layout of the blog post pages, I have wanted to apply a similar layout to the home page, and now it has been updated. I also added a footer to every page of the website that specifies the license.

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